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I suppose Lio was correct in saying I should have kept away. I don't know if I'd have been able to explain what happened to our Lit, otherwise, but I feel that I am only in the way now that I'm back. I constantly wish him to be spending time with me when he has to work. I'm serving little purpose than that of distraction and burden. I hate being either.

Litsewen, at least, is something to preoccupy me. She has a thirst for knowledge that seems well beyond the age she appears to be. She knows already how to read, so she and I have been working through many history texts together so she can increase her skill and knowledge. I have also started teaching her rudimentary music, though she does seem to know much of that too, as I work in my spare time (usually while she's napping) to finish that harpsichord I was making for her. I wish I'd gotten further before we'd left. These take weeks to make. Then again, I wasn't expecting her to need it so soon.

I suppose, as well, it's time I let family know we're back. They need to see her growth. I think I'll start with Russa, since he's most important to me I wanted to see him, anyways.

Maglor: Russa? *goes to see him, bringing Lit with her* Are you free?

Maedhros: Kana? You're back.

Maglor: I am. This happened. *lifts Lit to give her to him*

Litsewen: *reaches her arms to uncle Russa*

Maedhros: *surprised* Litsewen? *takes her*

Litsewen: *nods and hugs*

Maedhros: *grins at her* As if you weren't growing fast enough! Give your poor uncle a break...He can't keep up.

Litsewen: *grins back*

Maglor: *sighs* It was a sneeze. But she seems well despite it.

Maglor: How about you? Are you well?

Maedhros: I'm...alright. *studies her* You?

Maglor: Upset. Two of my brothers are dead and my adar is off boffing some useless human.

Maedhros: *so she does know then; nods*

Maglor: I don't even get to spend time with my Lio, since he's off working to try and find the murderer before anyone else dies.

Litsewen: *nods in agreement, hugging closer to Mae*

Maedhros: Yes...would you like something to drink?

Maglor: Only if it's strong and you know exactly where it came from. Want me to take her back?

Maedhros: I've got her. The amazing things you can do with two hands...*leads them inside for drinks - and of course he knows exactly where it came from*

Maglor: *small smile as she follows him* I just find she requires more than the two I have, sometimes.

Maedhros: *smiles* I think I can handle it...

Maglor: It just proves that you should have been the one with a child, not I. Not that I don't love my princess. *lightly strokes Lit's nose*

Litsewen: *smiles and blows nana a kiss*

Maedhros: I've got practice...*sits down in a chair and places Lit on his lap*

Maglor: Practice? You mean our brothers? I've had that, too... but it's different when she's your own. There's something... I don't know how to describe it.

Maedhros: *looks at her*

Maglor: She was a part of me, once. *shrugs, not knowing what else to say*

Maedhros: *nods*

Maglor: *absently pulls a book from her bag and hands it to Lit* All my own desires are put on hold for her. Willingly. It's not like me.

Litsewen: *takes the book and opens it, resting against uncle to read*

Maedhros: That's a good thing...

Maglor: Nana, I think did that for us. I'm not so sure about adar.

Maedhros: *thoughtful* ...I think adar did the best he could...

Maglor: But he was a slave to his passions. That's another thing I've learned to understand. *looks at him* I'm too dangerous like that.

Maedhros: *arches an eyebrow at her* Well, yes.

Maglor: I want to kill the man who hurt our brothers. I want him wearing his entrails as garters.

Maedhros: You need to stop that...It's horribly graphic...

Maglor: I won't tell you what I'd like to do to Theoden, then. *rubs her temples*

Maedhros: Good. -That- especially you're going to have to learn to deal with. *adds* Just like with me.

Maglor: I didn't come easily with you, brother. I don't think I will this time, either.

Maedhros: Focus on constructive things...Like taking care of Lit. *pets her idly*

Litsewen: *looks up at him and smiles before going back to her book*

Maglor: Avoiding a problem doesn't solve it.

Maedhros: You being angry about it isn't going to stop it. Let it -go-...

Maglor: I want to do something about it.

Maedhros: You can't. You ought to have learned that by now...

Maglor: I hate... *clenches her fists, speaks quietly* I hate not having control.

Maedhros: I know.

Maglor: Why can't things just... work?

Maedhros: I don't know...Best not to ask that.

Maglor: *sighs*

Litsewen: *lightly taps Mae's hand to get his attention*

Maedhros: *looks down at her* What is it, love?

Litsewen: *points at a word she doesn't know*

Maedhros: Ah...*explains what it means*

Litsewen: *smiles at him and goes back to reading*

Maglor: *manages a smile at the exchange* I'm so glad she was blessed with the abilities of a child her age and not just the body, as I'd feared she might be. She's every bit as brilliant as adar said she would be.

Maedhros: *chuckles* Adar knows brilliance.

Maglor: Sometimes. But we all make mistakes.

Maedhros: Yes.

Maglor: At least ours haven't killed us, yet. *grim smile*

Maedhros: True...*barely*

Maglor: *kisses his temple* Praise Varda. I think I'd go mad if anything ever happened to you. ...Again. Especially if it were my fault.

Maedhros: You shouldn't blame yourself, Kana.

Maglor: It might be my fault our brothers are dead now, too. Which is why I need to make sure their murderer is found and punished.

Maedhros: But it might not be. Calm.

Maglor: I a... *realizes she's starting to raise her voice* Sorry.

Maedhros: *small smile* Better. So you said...*motions to Lit* Eru sneeze?

Maglor: *nods* I had just sent off a letter to you, and to Lio, and suddenly I'm knocked against a wall by this sneeze. I looked to see what had changed and, well, there she was, bigger.

Litsewen: *smiles up at nana*

Maglor: *smiles back*

Maedhros: Impatient, are we, child?

Litsewen: *shrugs*

Maedhros: *soft laugh*

Maglor: She has so much of her adar's temperament. It confuses me.

Maedhros: Oh really?

Maglor: She's very quiet, as you may have noticed, and very serious. Extremely easygoing. I don't think she even understands what it means to be angry.

Maedhros: *grins* Well thank Eru!

Maglor: But she's my daughter! Shouldn't she be more like me?h

Litsewen: *sticks her tongue out at nana then grins and hides behind her book*

Maedhros: *laughs* Nah, she ought to be an ada's girl...

Maglor: You think? *looks at him for a moment before tickling Lit*

Litsewen: *giggles softly and tries to pull Mae's hands up to protect her*

Maedhros: Hey, hey! Not on my lap! *guards Lit*

Maglor: *laughs* Sorry. *pulls back*

Maedhros: Maybe she should be an uncle Russa's girl?

Litsewen: *considers, tilts her head*

Maglor: You might have to fight with Lio over that.

Maedhros: *smiles encouragingly at her* Oh, but I am better than Lio...

Maglor: *raises an eyebrow, says nothing*

Litsewen: *shakes her head, but reaches up to give Mae a kiss on the cheek anyway*

Maedhros: *chuckles* Oh alright...deny me. *kisses her cheek in return*

Litsewen: *gives him a hug as best she can*

Maglor: I think that's her way of saying you can be favourite after her ada.

Maedhros: *laughs* Fair enough. I shall settle for spoiling you so that Lio is driven mad.

Maglor: Lio? Or me?

Litsewen: *settles into Mae's lap again*

Maedhros: *winks* Lio.

Maglor: You don't think I'll be driven mad with jealousy if you spoil her more than me?

Litsewen: *offers nana her book?*

Maglor: *chuckles and takes it* Not you, princess. But thanks.

Maedhros: It -is- a possibility...Perhaps I'll spoil you a little too.

Maglor: Visiting with you always cheers me up. *pointedly* It often distracts me from other things, too.

Maedhros: Is that a hint for me to visit more often?

Maglor: Just a small one.

Maedhros: *smiles* Well, alright.

Maglor: It's important. Since, obviously, I miss out on what's happening in your life when you don't.

Maedhros: I suppose I can manage that. *teases, nodding to Lit* Now that I have motivation.

Maglor: *rolls her eyes* You love her more than me already.

Litsewen: *grins*

Maedhros: *grins* How could I not?

Maglor: Ah, I'm hurt. *puts a hand over her heart*

Maedhros: Sincerest apologies.

Maglor: Yeah, right. *kisses his cheek*

Maedhros: *chuckles*