Feb. 16th, 2009

calm_soul: (brother Russa)
I suppose Lio was correct in saying I should have kept away. I don't know if I'd have been able to explain what happened to our Lit, otherwise, but I feel that I am only in the way now that I'm back. I constantly wish him to be spending time with me when he has to work. I'm serving little purpose than that of distraction and burden. I hate being either.

Litsewen, at least, is something to preoccupy me. She has a thirst for knowledge that seems well beyond the age she appears to be. She knows already how to read, so she and I have been working through many history texts together so she can increase her skill and knowledge. I have also started teaching her rudimentary music, though she does seem to know much of that too, as I work in my spare time (usually while she's napping) to finish that harpsichord I was making for her. I wish I'd gotten further before we'd left. These take weeks to make. Then again, I wasn't expecting her to need it so soon.

I suppose, as well, it's time I let family know we're back. They need to see her growth. I think I'll start with Russa. )