Feb. 19th, 2009

calm_soul: (bare shoulder)
Maglor: *wakes up from a bad dream and reaches her arm out, finding herself alone in bed, sighs* Ecthelion, where in Varda's name are you now?

Ecthelion: *working at his desk*

Maglor: *goes to find him, dressed only in a shirt* Oh, Lio. *looking in on him* I know this is important, but so is your rest.

Ecthelion: *looks up at her, smiling tiredly* I just got some of the reports back that I needed....

Maglor: No more. *goes over, taking the papers out of his hands and setting them aside* You've been working so hard. Your mind needs to rest. )

...and, of course, come morning he's off working again. I have needs! Needs involving more cuddling and sleeping in and less empty beds. *pouts, sighs* But he has needs, too. Needs that I can work toward filling by speaking with Glorfindel and my uncle.