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Name:Kanafinwë Makalaurë
Kanafinwë Makalaurë
NAME: Kanafinwë Makalaurë
A.K.A.: Maglor, Kana, Mags, Mag, Maggie
STATUS living with Ecthelion
OCCUPATION: son of Fëanor, minstrel/poet, teacher of music/history/language, crime lord
WEAPON OF CHOICE: sword, though she usually only carries a knife (or three) on her
(CANON) CLAIM TO FAME: 2nd greatest Elven minstrel/poet of all time, gentlest son of Fëanor
(GAME) CLAIM TO FAME: her ability to go from sweet to homicidal in seconds
"I'm not actually a woman, in case you've forgotten."

"Try living as a woman for a while before you comment. Make sure you go through childbirth."

"I don't need wings, I have a sword."

"It's really hard being beautiful and ruthless. Everyone loves what you are but no one loves who you are."

"He's so young, though... not really my type. Think I'll string him along for a bit anyway."

"It's true. Your redeeming qualities are few and far between, but the ones you do have are nice."

"Pregnant. With. Fingon's. Child. I think Turu has managed to find the one thing in the world more disgusting than being fucked by Fingon."

"I would think that I'm fairly courageous. Though I suspect there are very few who would call me good."

Maglor: I fear I will always be my father's son in certain matters.
Aragorn: In others I think you may have to content yourself with being your mother's daughter. *wry, a little pointed*

"Pride, honour, loyalty, love. They're a strange mix but they build a rather sturdy chain. I'm not sure I could escape even if I wanted to."

"I would never do that, ada. I'd sooner kill them. May I kill them? Please?"

"Oh, he's as useful dead as he as a source of information."

"Oh, Eru! I'm a woman! My brothers are going to have a field day with this!"

(( Character originally for gondolindrim. Now she's found herself in the [community profile] asylum_du_mal_idees. Completely fictional, completely not mine and just for fun. The nice lady in the icons is Li Bingbing/李冰冰 ))
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