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It's nice to be home again, though I didn't quite get the welcome I'd expected. ) I feel I need to talk to Russa - Who has apparently moved in with the twins? I missed something important! - about all this. I need to know who is taking care of my nephew and what is being done about all this.

My brothers' deaths must be properly avenged.

One other thing that confuses me. Turu came back within days when I killed him he died. Why haven't my brothers? Is something wrong?
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Maglor: *watches Lit until she reaches the door of Lio's office then heads off to look for a certain guard in need of a reprimand...* )

Well, that was interesting but not as interesting as what I have planned for a certain somebody. I need to start getting things together for that. I wonder how he's doing with our daughter?
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So, Lit, what should we write back to ada, huh? *looks over to the baby who is sleeping next to her* I'll send him your love, shall I? *starts writing* )

*wraps up Lio's note and gift neatly and sets them aside, looking at them for a bit* I should write that letter to Russa, also, and I can send both with a single courier. Now, what to say? )

*folds and seals this second letter* There. All done. Let's go find someone to take these to Gondolin for us, yeah, Lit? *picks up the sleeping baby carefully, resting her against her chest so she has a hand free to carry the messages and heads downstairs to find a messenger* )
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I miss Lio. And Russa.

It's so quiet here, compared to Gondolin, it's a bit strange. Have I mentioned I miss my Lio and my Russa? *reaches over to lightly stroke the belly of her daughter who's lying on the bed next to her, sucking on her hand* Lit seems well, at least. She's adjusted to life here almost too easily, though she does seem quite fussy at times. Especially times when Lio would usually handle her at home. I guess she really is an ada's girl.

Speaking of adars... valar. I still don't know what to think about what I saw. I may kill Theoden when next I see him for touching ada. Or maybe I'll kill ada for being with someone who isn't nana. I just. I don't know. I should write to Russa and ask his advice on the matter. I refuse to be the one to tell nana, though, it'll hurt her too much.

*sighs* Does anyone know what magic would cause life to become more simple? Even here, away from everone, there are too many things to worry about.
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My dearest Ecthelion,

a long letter )
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I've been spending a lot of time taking care of nana, so I decided it was time to see ada. ) And then, since I had extra toffee left, I picked up Lit and took her to visit her uncle Russa )

Russa is right, though, I think I really need to disappear for a while. *goes home to pack, leaving a note for Lio*

My love,
     I'm sorry this is so sudden. We're safe, I promise. My brother knows where we are. I'll send you a message in two days.
     Kanafinwe Makalaure & Ciryafinwe Litsewen
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It's always an exciting day when I bump into my big brother, even if he is accusing me of untrue things. ) Ah, but I love him. He always makes my day. Not unlike a certain other man I could mention. I guess, as a woman, I'm more than spoiled for men to take care of me. Though the man in me hates it sometimes. Mind, there are many things that I hate )

...and some things? Just don't make sense at all. I'm going to go take a relaxing bath now. Hopefully it'll help to keep my shoulder from bruising too much.
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Russa, Turu? You two should be proud of me. I actually saw a healer of my own power without it being a life and death situation. )
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After talking with Turu, I went home and put Lit down for her nap. Then I made some tea and tried to catch up on some of my paper work that I've been neglecting. Of course, Lio came home and tried to interrupt me. Well. Not so much interrupt as distract, I suppose. And, somehow, we got on to the topic of us. )
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Sometimes, I wake up from a nap only to encounter the cutest sights... ) I'm glad to see how much he loves her... but I feel, sometimes... *shakes her head* ...nevermind.
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Maglor: *heads over to Artaher's house for that appointment of theirs, knocking when she arrives*

Artaher: *opens the door* Ah, hello, Kana.

Maglor: I hope I'm not too early?

Artaher: Not at all...Just let me finish up one thing...*leads her inside*

Maglor: Sure. *looks around a bit as she follows* Is Ereinion at home today?

Artaher: Yes, he should be around. Ereinion?
funny how the world can explode after it had all been going so smoothly... )

The new centre of my world:

Ciryafinwë Litsëwen
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Ecthelion: *is in his office, sketching out a design for a cradle*
Maglor: *comes back from her meetings for the day and looks for Lio* Love?
Ecthelion: *calls* Back here.
Maglor: *goes to join him* Hey.
Ecthelion: *smiles* Hey, baby.
Maglor: What are you up to? *goes to wrap her arms around his shoulders*
Ecthelion: I'm... going to make a cradle for Lit. Just sketching it out right now.
Maglor: You are? *kisses his cheek* Darling.
Ecthelion: *smiles at her* I wanted to make her something special.
Your very first gift to our daughter? )
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I was working in my music room when Lio decided to interrupt me. We got talking on the subject of writing songs, which led to love songs, which led to him asking about me writing one for him, which led to...

Maglor: Hmmn. *ponders a moment, then sings in a joking way* Ecthelion is strong and true; he's rather good at fucking, too
Ecthelion: *cracks up* Make sure you perform that at the next festival.
Maglor: Uh... no. *chuckles*
Ecthelion: My legend will spread! )
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I had an interesting night, yesterday. I made Lio a very special dinner. ) He seemed to truly enjoy it, though, so that made me happy. Well, and him, obviously.

And today? I decided to try something new and dangerous. I spoke to my brother Celegorm. )
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Of course things have to go badly, when I decide to try and have some fun. Thankfully, Turu was okay. ) This morning was the really interesting part, though. I woke up squished under Lio with Turu pressed tight against my side. It would have been wonderful if I were not a pregnant woman with the constant need to urinate.

Turu was awake, when I got back, so we sat and talked for a while. )

Now, I'm just waiting for my Lio to wake up. Maybe if I go start cooking some breakfast?
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Maglor's shaky evening... )
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I managed to cut my hand while working on a lute, earlier. I had to wash it out twice to make sure the wood shavings were all out. But at least it was small. I have it all bandaged up now.

I also spent time with Russa, today. Have I ever mentioned that he's one of my favourite people? Because he really, really is. )

I will admit, at least to those of you that count, that I lied to Aredhel about what happened with Turu. What really happened was... )
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Valar, I have been busy. Between work and family, I've hardly got time to breathe. But at least we got Lio moved in over the weekend. ) there is one thing I'm still rather pissed off about, though. And I think I need to ask a favour of Russa.