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Litsewen: *is digging in nana's flower bed, mostly just making a mess*

Ecthelion: *smiles, watching her* You taking up gardening, Lit?

Litsewen: *nods, tossing another handful of dirt aside*

Maglor: *looking around the house for Lio, notices them out the window and can't help a small laugh to herself*

Ecthelion: *grins* You're going to have to replant all those flowers.

Litsewen: *wide eyes, shakes her head*

Ecthelion: No?

Litsewen: *shakes her head again*

Maglor: *walks out to join them, slipping an arm around Lio's waist* What trouble are you letting her get into?

Ecthelion: *smiles* She's gardening.

Maglor: Someone should teach her to do it properly. *sighs* You put the flowers -in- the ground, princess, not pull them out.

Ecthelion: *chuckles a little* We can fix it later.

Maglor: Good. I can't have my yard looking like a battle zone.

Litsewen: *looking up at her parents, then goes to find a doll and puts it in the hole she's made in the ground*

Ecthelion: Either she's having a funeral or she's unclear on the concept.

Litsewen: *looks around for the watering can*

Maglor: ...maybe she wants a doll-tree?

Ecthelion: *thoughtfully* We should find her other kids to play with...

Maglor: That might be a good idea. *puts a hand over her face* Oh, princess...

Litsewen: *watering her doll, might fall over with the watering can soon*

Ecthelion: *just laughs*

Litsewen: *does fall, spilling water everywhere, makes a surprised face as she suddenly gets very muddy*

Maglor: I think we're going to need a bath. You're such a dirty little thing. You must take after ada, that way. *goes to help Lit up*

Ecthelion: *smirks* Because you were such a perfect clean child.

Maglor: I was, actually. *wiping as much mud and dirt off of Lit as she can* Besides, you never grew out of it.

Litsewen: *squirms, doesn't get nana's obsession with being clean*

Ecthelion: Oh psh. Let her play for a while. We'll give her a bath before bed.

Maglor: *sighs* Fine. *kisses Lit's nose* Go be a messy little girl.

Litsewen: *smiles and goes back to playing in the mud she's made*

Ecthelion: *grins* We could get her a dog.

Maglor: Or a sister...

Ecthelion: *arches an eyebrow* Hmmm?

Maglor: *repeats* A sister. *reaches for his hand from where she's now sitting on the grass*

Ecthelion: *glances at their hands and then at her face* You.... don't want to have more kids.

Maglor: *shifts closer to him* Not yet, no. Pregnancy is hard. I know you want a small army, though.

Ecthelion: *shakes his head* Eh, not if it's that hard on you.

Maglor: We can have a few more that way, when I'm ready. *leans against him now, nuzzling her head against his neck* What about adopting?

Ecthelion: *slowly* You want to adopt?

Maglor: I would consider it, with the right child.

Ecthelion: Mmm. And how would we find the right child?

Maglor: I think your heart has already found her. *takes her turn to look at their hands*

Ecthelion: ...

Maglor: *doesn't like that* ...What?

Ecthelion: *slowly* You mean Gai.

Maglor: I do.

Ecthelion: Why, Kana?

Maglor: Clearly, she is a child who needs guidance and love. And... I... it would make you happy, wouldn't it?

Ecthelion: *slowly* She killed your brothers.

Maglor: *pointedly* -I- killed -your- best friend and his cousin.

Ecthelion: Yes. And you thought she should be killed for what she'd done.

Maglor: She should. So should I. We probably will be, some day. At least she's been dead once already. Maybe she's done it in reverse?

Ecthelion: Maybe. *studies her face* I don't want her here if it will upset you.

Maglor: She mourns what she's done. You can see it in her. She even braved speaking to me on her own, knowing I might kill her, to apologize. I respect that sort of courage.

Ecthelion: *nods* She is.... devastated, yes. But doesn't want to hide from it, and offers no excuses.

Maglor: I could forgive her completely, with time.

Ecthelion: *thinks about this* I understand that forgiveness will take you a while, but.... we can't bring her here if you're going to be angry or resent her.

Maglor: I'd like to say I wouldn't, but I can't be sure. Sometimes... well, you know how I get angry. I want her, though, to have a good influence to be... to be... *thinks, not sure how to say "to be what I can't" in a way that won't upset Lio* ...better.

Ecthelion: *nods* I understand. But again.... you can't be angry at her. If you want her to be able to be.... better.... she can't be afraid of your anger.

Maglor: I know. I can promise to try, but that's all.

Ecthelion: If we adopt her, you have to, Kana. She'll be our child.

Maglor: *nods* I think I could do it. For you.

Ecthelion: *squeezes her hand* You'd be doing it for her, too. It's not just about making me happy. She's not a present you're giving to me. If we adopt her, she's the priority. You'd have to do it for her, because you'd want to make HER happy. *nods to Lit* Just like you'd want to for her.

Maglor: *small smile* Lit could really use a big sister, though. And, just maybe, we could make up to Gai for the family that my family took from her. *tilts her head to gently kiss Lio* Do you think I could do it?

Ecthelion: *kisses* Yes. We both could.

Maglor: We would have to convince adar to give her up to us.

Ecthelion: *nods* There's that, yes.

Maglor: And she should agree, too. Lit. Please do not eat that earthworm. Come here. *holds an arm out to their daughter* In fact, it should be entirely her decision to come or not.

Litsewen: *obediently puts down the worm and goes to snuggle with nana and ada*

Ecthelion: Yes. She needs to want to be here.

Maglor: Exactly. *hugs Lit close*

Ecthelion: Okay. We ask her first, then your father? Or both at the same time.

Maglor: I... may have put the possibility into her head already. But I said I had to ask you first.

Ecthelion: Oh, really.

Maglor: Sorry. I meant to talk to you first. *gently kisses Lit's hair* But it came up when she apologized.

Ecthelion: Mmm. What did she say? *smiles at Lit*

Maglor: She said she'd think about it, and ask ada for his advice.

Litsewen: *smiles and offers ada a dirty hand*

Ecthelion: *takes it and squeezes* Well. We'll see then.

Maglor: *nods* He might refuse, because of my temper. He'll probably refuse, really.

Ecthelion: Then we'll just have to convince him. *smiles*

Maglor: We can remind him we're getting married, so we'll have a nice stable household for her to be in.*kisses him again* And how good you are at keeping -me- stable.

Ecthelion: *laughs* Let's hope he falls for it. *teasing*

Maglor: *slight pout* You're not going to live to see our wedding...

Ecthelion: Oh dear. *still laughing*

Maglor: *rolls her eyes* Really? It's you that the children shouldn't be taking after. *sticks out her tongue*

Ecthelion: Yes, I'm that awful. *grins*

Maglor: You really are. Don't you think so, princess? Ada is a terrible influence on you.

Litsewen: *blinks, shrugs*