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My morning practice was interrupted by an odd conversation.

Gaiala: *lugging a little red wagon Feanor made at her request filled with berry bushes for his garden*

Maglor: *sitting on the edge of a fountain practicing on a small harp, looks up as she sees Gai* [Ada works you hard, child.]

Gaiala: *look of terror* [N-no, I'm doing this as a gift]

Maglor: Ah. [You never put such things in my garden.] *stays seated with the harp on her lap, not wanting to alarm Gai too much*

Gaiala: *very politely* [it was winter, miss Maglor]

Maglor: [True.] *small smile* [I think life-giving plants are much more your style.]

Gaiala: [... I owe you an apology.]

Maglor: [A few, I should think. One for each brother and one for breaking poor Lio's heart. Though maybe you owe him that apology more than me.]

Gaiala: [He will receive it.] *straightens up and swallows her courage. [Maglor, I wronged you and for that I am truly sorry.]

Maglor: *looks her over carefully* [You are clearly not a stupid girl, but I do know what pride can do to a person. I accept your apology.]

Gaiala: *visibly loses some of her terror*

Maglor: [Do not get me wrong. I do still believe all murderers deserve death. However, I think you have had yours already, have you not?] *considers, sets her harp aside and pats the stone next to her* [Come sit with me.]

Gaiala: [...I still believe I deserve it, but they would not allow it.] *pulls her wagon over to Maglor and sits, keeping it close*

Maglor: [I have the same problem. They would not let me die. Now, tell me, how do you find life with my ada?]

Gaiala: [He... is kind to me]

Maglor: [But are you happy there?]

Gaiala: *just shrugs*

Maglor: [You know, we miss you. Lio -and- I. It has had me thinking.]

Gaiala: *blinks* [YOU?]

Maglor: [I act heartless, but I am not actually so. You had become almost a part of our family. I think that is part of why I was so angry when I discovered you were the one to kill my brothers.]

Gaiala: *bows her head* [ was never my intention to be brought into your home to deceive you.]

Maglor: [Could it be your intention to come into my home as a part of my family?] *lightly puts her fingers under Gai's chin to tilt her head up*

Gaiala: *wide eyes and doesn't know what to answer*

Maglor: [Think about it. I have not yet spoken to Lio about this. He might not think it is a good idea. He knows how... temperamental I can get.]

Gaiala: *eyes widen a little more and nods* [...I will ask Feanor what he believes I should do.]

Maglor: [It is your decision, though, not his.]

Gaiala: [I'm his now.]

Maglor: [That is not a problem, at all.]

Gaiala: *quietly* [I'd like to come back to Lio]

Maglor: *nods* [I will see what I can do for you. We murderers need to stick together.]

Gaiala: *goes pale and winces*

Maglor: *oops* [Besides, did we not promise to take Lio out for a picnic with fresh fish once the summer came? We can not go back on our word.]

Gaiala: *quietly* [I should go to Feanor. And speak with him]

Maglor: [Of course. See to your duty, child.]

Gaiala: *bows to her and hurries off, thinking hard*

I suppose if I truly didn't welcome interruptions, I would stop playing outside. As it is, I think things have turned out well enough.

I believe Lio would be very happy with this idea, but I must ask him. And I hope that he and Russa would be glad with me for taking these steps down the road to forgiveness. It is not easy, but sometimes you must take the hard path for the sake of those you love.
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