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Maglor: Thanks again for watching her, Glor. *smiles and waves before picking Lit up to carry her against her hip as they leave his bakery* Since we're here, let's go find something nice for ada at one of the market stalls, princess.

Litsewen: *nods and rests against nana*

Celegorm: *wanders into the market with a small list and a sketchy plan for dinner. spies an eggplant and wonders what to do with it* Hmm...do I boil it? *spies someone who looks oddly familiar* Huh...is that... *walks over* Makalaure???

Maglor: *blinks and looks up at him* What do you want, Tyelko? Just to cheer up my life by making a brief appearance in it once more? *more than a little sarcastic*

Celegorm: *is overcome with emotion and grabs her up in a hug* Makalaure!! *squeezes* I haven't seen you in so long! *pulls back and studies the child* And...that...baby...*grins* ...thing...

Maglor: It's only been a couple months. *looks at Celegorm like he's completely lost it, then sighs and looks at her daughter* This is your uncle Tyelkormo. He's.... special. Tyelko, this is my daughter Litsewen Ciryafinwe. We just call her Lit.

Litsewen: *little wave, not really wanting to move away from nana*

Celegorm: *nods and tries to process the name, then extends his hand.* Nice to meet you...again...Or have we met? *rubs his forehead* yeah, see...Makalaure...that's the thing. I only just arrived here. I splashed down in a lime fountain a few days ago, but apparently another me was here earlier. *shrugs* it's all quite confusing.

Maglor: I was still pregnant last time I saw you. Or the other you. Does this mean there's two of you around here? *not really okay with that*

Celegorm: I don't think so. Can there be two of me? *scratches his head* I think I'd know if there was another me here. *thinks* I'm pretty sure I'm it. *looks her up and down* You've certainly changed since the last time I saw you.

Maglor: But you're still the master of the obvious. *gently sets Lit down on her own feet, but holds on to her hand* Have you been told yet that adar is alive again? And that two of our brothers are now dead?

Celegorm: *after that comment, treats himself to a long glance at her rack* Yes, Aredhel and Turu filled me in on all that happened while I was gone. If Elves are being reborn, why isn't Atarinke back yet? *sighs* And I haven't ventured to see Father yet. I think I'll put that off a bit longer. *gives her a look* I can only imagine what he's been up to.

Maglor: *slight glare when she notices him looking at her* Curu's probably staying dead to piss us all off. He's like that. *slight smirk* Make sure to call him Atarinke to his face. He loves it, really. As for ada, well. *a bit darkly* He's been busy.

Celegorm: *frowns* Why wouldn't he like that? I've always called him that. It's much better than Pudge, which is what I called him when he first discovered the cook's donuts. *cocks an eyebrow* What's Father up to? I don't like the sound of that. He hasn't gutted anyone, has he? Or knocked anyone up...*eyes wide* Oops. Sorry.

Maglor: *really glaring now* Adar has decided he prefers the company of young humans to nana. And, clearly, you must be from an alternate world, since our Curufin is a stick who doesn't eat nearly enough.

Celegorm: *guffaws* Dad?! Dad likes hairy little humans??!! *laughs hard and ends it with a snort* That's hilarious! Does he shave them first or just dive right into the fluff? *wipes away a tear of laughter* Scratch what I said. I'm going to see him and his furry little pets as soon as possible! *grins and rubs his chin* I'm sure Nana is fine. She's always been a survivor. And I obviously know nothing about this Atarinke, especially if he hates his name and refuses to eat. Maybe he just needs a good hunt. *nods*

Maglor: You're an idiot. *rolls her eyes, doesn't bother to mention Lit is actually half-human*

Celegorm: *grins* And you're just as acerbic as ever. I had hoped giving birth had caused you to mellow, but apparently it has not. So, what is it like being a female? Better or worse without the dangly bits?

Maglor: *doesn't want to talk about -that- either* I imagine it's significantly better than being you, at any rate.

Celegorm: *laughs* Why would you say that? It's great being me! Other than a bit of Eru-induced confusion, I'm having a blast! *gives her a hug* Stop being such a grump.

Maglor: I'm not a grump. *crosses her arms* You're annoying.

Litsewen: *grown bored with the adults' talk, sits on the ground and starts playing with some stones on the road*

Celegorm: *laughs* Maybe so, but at least I'm having fun pestering the shit out of you. *points to the child* When did that happen?

Maglor: -She- was born in November. Both my pregnancy and her age were sped up by sneezes. Eru seems particularly fond of sneezing on me.

Celegorm: I could think of far worse things he could do than sneeze. *bends down to smile at the child* Hello, Lit. You're cute, sort of like me. *grins and looks back up at Maglor* I never thought I'd see the day when you'd spawn another one like you.

Maglor: Mmn. *softly* Me either.

Litsewen: *looks up at uncle and waves again, giving a little smile*

Celegorm: *smiles and waves back* She likes me. *stands up and gives Mags a cheeky grin* She clearly knows a good thing when she sees it. I remember when you were sweet. It was a long, long, LONG time ago. *looks at her hands* Do you still play harp?

Maglor: No, she's just polite. *lightly strokes Lit's hair* I do still play harp, among others. I teach, sometimes, too.

Celegorm: I think she likes me. *gives her a wink* And it won't kill you to admit it. *reaches for Maglor's hand and holds it* At least there is still that. I'm happy that hasnt' changed. Who is this Elf you are married to?

Maglor: I'm not married. Yet. *stares at their hands* Ecthelion and I have only just decided to take that step. Surely you remember Ecthelion? He's always been very close with Turu.

Celegorm: *turns her hand over and looks at the callouses on her fingertips from the harp* I think so, yes. He seems to be a good Elf. Surprising, given his friendship with our cousin. *grins* He has not changed one bit.

Maglor: Too bad Turu doesn't behave more like Lio. Oh, and if you sleep with him, I will castrate you. *raising an eyebrow*

Celegorm: *laughs out loud* Where did that come from? I have no plans to sleep with Turu. I only just arrived! Give me some time to find a proper bedmate before I go sniffing around cousins. Besides, he's not exactly discriminating. I'd be one of thousands. *gives her hand a squeeze* But it's nice to know that you worry about your baby brother. It gives me a warm feeling inside.

Maglor: I know Turu, and of all my brothers you would be the idiot most likely to go willingly. He's almost as bad as his scum of an older brother. It's a shame neither of them inherited any of the good family traits from uncle Nolo.

Celegorm: I'm not an idiot. It takes skills to learn to speak the language of the animals, and besides, Oromë liked me best, so that counts for something. *grins* Keep it up and I'll start thinking you're jealous. *scratches his chin* How is his brother?

Maglor: *ignores that* Not dead, so I don't care.

Celegorm: What's Fingon done to make you want to kill him? Besides being an insufferable prat, I mean.

Maglor: Nothing I am willing to mention in front of my daughter. *pinched lips, obviously a very touchy subject with her*

Celegorm: *glances at the child, having totally forgotten about her, then raises an eyebrow* Gotcha. We'll discuss that another time. Maybe over dinner? I still can make a killer rabbit stew. You and Lio should find a babysitter and come over. Maybe I can find a date and we can make it a foursome.

Maglor: I don't want to talk about it at all. Especially not over dinner. It's a matter of public record, as most crimes are. Go look it up, or ask about it.

Celegorm: *frowns, concerned, but decides to drop it* I asked you about it, but since you are unwilling to talk, perhaps Maitimo will be more forthcoming, unless he's been recently turned into a squirrel or something.

Maglor: There would be death if anything happened to my Russa. The only way he's really changed since coming here is that his hand is back. I guess he petitioned one of the valar, or something.

Celegorm: *smiles* Well, that is good news! *looks into her eyes and smiles* You do know that I'd do anything for you, don't you? You're my big...sister, and I love you. *gives her hand a squeeze*

Maglor: You're different from the Tyelko I'm used to... *lightly squeezes his hand back* A good different. I may even be able to trust you, eventually. *smirks* But don't push your luck.

Celegorm: *laughs* I wouldn't dream of it. *bends down and gives Lit a kiss to the forehead* Take care, Lit. I'll see you soon. *stands and hugs Maglor* It was great to see you. I'll have you over for dinner soon, I promise.

Litsewen: *smiles and stands up, dusting herself off a bit, blows a kiss to uncle*

Maglor: *smiles at her daughter and lightly returns the hug* Maybe we could do something with a few of our brothers? The twins are always hungry.

Celegorm: *eyes light up* Yes! That's a great idea! They're such fun...unless they're starting food fights. Then, not so much. *makes a mental note to have non-throwable food* It's a date!

Maglor: You could probably talk them into having it at their house, since Russa lives with them, too and he owes me a dinner, anyway.

Celegorm: Even better. He's on my list to visit...him and Celebrimbor. *smiles again and his tummy growls loudly* Some things never change. *pats it and grins* My beast must be fed. I'll see you soon

Maglor: *nods* Unless I see you first.

Celegorm: *laughs and punches her arm like old times* Smell ya later. *wanders off, grinning*