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Why must cousins be so Eru-damned annoying?

Maglor: *sitting on a bench along the city wall*

Turgon: *on a walk, sees Maglor and approaches, putting a hand on her shoulder* What's on your mind, Kana?

Maglor: *starts and looks up at him* Turu! I didn't notice you.

Turgon: That's how I know you're thinking about something. What?

Maglor: Nothing. *pulls her legs closer against herself, wrapping her arms around them*

Turgon: *sits next to her* You really think I'll believe that?

Maglor: I don't care if you do or not, but I have nothing I want to say to you.

Turgon: Really?

Maglor: *glares at him*

Turgon: You're angry at me. Why?

Maglor: Because, it seems to me, you are always getting in the way of true justice.

Turgon: What's that supposed to mean?

Maglor: It was your fault I couldn't kill your brother, your fault I was forced to live after my crimes, and now it's your fault again that the murderer of my brothers was given to my father to be allowed to live.

Turgon: Ah. *perks an eyebrow* You think death would have been the better option in all these cases?

Maglor: Yes. *rests her chin on her knee and looks out to the mountains around the city*

Turgon: I don't get you, Kana. *tilts his head* Why do you wish death?

Maglor: I'm not a good person, Turu. I don't deserve the things I get.

Turgon: *sighs* You need to stop that attitude. Can't you just enjoy life for a change?

Maglor: No.

Turgon: Kana. *annoyed* This is exactly the attitude that makes people dislike being around you. I wouldn't be surprised if even Lio grows tired of it and decides to leave you.

Maglor: *quietly, semi-sarcastically* And I thought it was my violent tendencies.

Turgon: Those don't help. *lifts her chin so he can look her in the eyes* Wake up, Makalaure, or life is going to rush past your closed eyes before you realize it.

Maglor: You sound like your adar.

Turgon: I'll take that as a compliment, in this case. *moves closer so he's sitting tight against her*

Maglor: *rolls her eyes* I came here to be alone. You're not helping that.

Turgon: You've spent too much of your life alone. Let someone in. Lio'd be a good choice.

Maglor: That's none of your business!

Turgon: Isn't it? He's my best friend, I just want to watch out for him.

Maglor: He's fine! I'm taking care of him.

Turgon: Just like you took care of me by murdering me?

Maglor: That was different. *pushes at Turgon* Why are you still here? I asked you to go.

Turgon: Because I love you. *grabs her hands so she can't push him again, and brings them to his mouth to kiss them*

Maglor: Somehow, I doubt that's a very wholesome statement.

Turgon: Stop being a bitch, Makalaure.

Maglor: *goes to tug her hands away from him*

Turgon: *holds them still* I own these, remember that. *releases her*

Maglor: ...what do you want, Turukano?

Turgon: Many things, Kana. *leans in and kisses her forehead*

Maglor: *moves away* I'm not in the mood for your bullshit.

Turgon: You never are. *grins at her*

Maglor: *glare*

Turgon: Oh, come on, Kana.

Maglor: No. You're being stupid. Leave me alone. I'll be happy when I'm ready to be happy. And that'll be when I'm with Lio, not you.

Turgon: Fine. I've got work to do, anyway. But you need to come see me later.

Maglor: Do I? Why?

Turgon: I have a present for you and Lio.

Maglor: And what would that be?

Turgon: It's a surprise. You'll have to come see. *gets up with a smirk*

Maglor: You're terrible, Turu.

Turgon: I know. *blows her a kiss* Now stop being a miserable old lady.

Maglor: Bitch. *pulls out a dagger and tosses it at him, purposely missing but only narrowly*

Turgon: Love you, too. *heads off with a wave*

I swear, Turgon becomes more insufferable every time I see him.