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Maglor: *sitting up waiting for Lio, worried, trying to sip tea and pretend she's not*

Ecthelion: *comes home after a while*

Maglor: *hears him* Honey? Is that you, Lio?

Ecthelion: *comes into the room* Yes. It's me.

Maglor: Are things okay? *offers him her tea*

Ecthelion: *sits down wearily* No. Things are not okay.

Maglor: What is it? Was there another murder?

Ecthelion: There was an attempted murder. *sighs* I... figured out who the murderer was.

Maglor: That's good, isn't it? *carefully sits in his lap and strokes his face*

Ecthelion: *softly* It's Gaiala.

Maglor: What?! How could she? After all we've done for her?

Ecthelion: You killed her and all her family. She came to take revenge.

Maglor: *opens her mouth to say something then closes it again* I... *frowns, unsure of what to say*

Ecthelion: I suppose we could have figured it out before, but.... it just seemed so unlikely. But the plant poisons.... and being Teleri... and killing your family members.... it makes sense.

Maglor: ...What's being done about her? I mean, she's a child, but... *trailing off* murderers deserve death...

Ecthelion: She had gone to kill your father. That's where I found her. He.... claimed her life as his own.

Maglor: Oh. *rests against Lio, nuzzling close* She'll live, then. If he let Fingon live, he'll let her.

Ecthelion: *nods* I think so too. But just....

Maglor: It's hard to believe. *kisses his jaw* Are you okay? Really?

Ecthelion: You didn't see how upset she was.

Maglor: No, but I did see my brothers' bodies. And I'm grateful I don't have to see my adar's again.

Ecthelion: Mmm. I think she'd say something similar.

Maglor: *sighs* This is just... just... *shakes her head*

Ecthelion: I... don't know what to do.

Maglor: Well, she can't stay here anymore. What's to keep her from deciding she wants to try again? One murderer is enough in this house.

Ecthelion: I don't think she was happy, doing what she did.

Maglor: Only the mad enjoy murder, love.

Ecthelion: *shrugs*

Maglor: I don't want her here again until I know she's safe to have near your daughter. *gently kisses his neck*

Ecthelion: *nods, biting his lip*

Maglor: I wonder, though, why didn't she kill me first? I would have been easiest for her. And... *decides not to say that, wrapping her arms reassuringly around Lio*

Ecthelion: *shakes his head, doesn't know*

Maglor: *studies him, considering* It's over now, Lio. The murderer has been caught and her punishment given. Things can get better, now.

Ecthelion: Right.

Maglor: You need a hot bath, to look in on your beautiful little girl even if she is sleeping, and some rest. *gets up, offering her hands* Come.

Ecthelion: *sighs and takes her hand*

Maglor: *leads him to the bathroom, softly* Would it help to talk? I'll shut up and listen for a change.

Ecthelion: *small smile* Thanks. No, not now. I'll just take the bath now.

Maglor: You love her, no? *kisses his forehead and goes to start filling the bath*

Ecthelion: *nods*

Maglor: Like a daughter? *starts gently tugging at his clothing* Maybe you should talk to ada.

Ecthelion: I will.

Maglor: You two have that in common, now. *neatly folds his clothing as she removes it and sets it aside* In. *points*

Ecthelion: *silently climbs in the bath*

Maglor: Should I leave you alone with your thoughts? *strokes his cheek gently*

Ecthelion: *nods* Please.

Maglor: Okay. *kisses tenderly* I love you. *goes to check on Lit and give him some time alone*

I'm worried about Lio. He seems so distressed over this. Not that I blame him, considering, but... agh! This is all becoming infuriating. Blood should be paid for blood. Murderers deserve to die, especially those of us who are likely to repeat our crimes. And though the wounds of war can be fierce, they really aren't the same as intentionally going out to kill someone. I would know.

She may have a right to her anger, but so do I. I feel I will be overruled on all sides, though. Probably only my dead brothers would agree with me now. *sighs* I will simply have to bury this rage in order to take care of more important things. Namely, my Lio. I'll be watching him carefully.

It seems I'm once more forced to play the strong one. Put a sword in my hand and a song on my tongue, I'm ready to run.
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