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Maglor: *working in her workshop, humming to herself*

Gaiala: *brings in a drink for Maglor on Lio's suggestion*

Maglor: *looks up* [Thank you.]

Gaiala: [You're welcome. What are you working on?]

Maglor: [A...] harpsichord? [I apologize, I do not know the word in your tongue. It is for my daughter.]

Gaiala: [I'm not sure either.] *moves to give it a closer look* [ you know what a good gift for your nephew would be?]

Maglor: [You mean Tyelpe?] *considers* [He's often hungry, but I think everyone has been giving him food. He also likes things related to his craft.]

Gaiala: [I can't reallly afford to give him materials. I haven't got a cent to my name.] *frowns* [I just want to make him feel better]

Maglor: [I should give you an allowance. It is not like I lack money.] *somewhat off-handedly as she gets back to working*

Gaiala: [Maybe. I was going to open a store, but... Curufin was the one who was funding that]

Maglor: Curu.... *frowns* [I would not give up on your idea. It can still happen.]

Gaiala: [Maybe I don't deserve one.] *sighs and looks at a harp, carefully not touching*

Maglor: [My parents taught me the only things you do not deserve are the ones you will not work for.]

Gaiala: [....mine used to say something similar. I'll figure something out. Maybe Sexburg will know what to do.]

Maglor: [I would ask my cousin Turgon, if I was you. He can be a little interesting sometimes, but he also is very good at business.]

Gaiala: [Oh, it's safe for me to go near him? I've heard things] *half smile*

Maglor: *smirk* [It is if you tell him you belong to me.]

Gaiala: [More like Lio]

Maglor: [Turgon does not fear Lio. He knows I will kill him if he touches my things without permission.]

Gaiala: [Lio's not really a possession.] *protective tone*

Maglor: [No, if anything I would say he owned me.] *smiles*

Gaiala: [Aw!]

Maglor: *coughs, blushing slightly at having said that* It might be better if we spoke Sindarin, you know. You need to work on yours.

Gaiala: Oh. *disappointed look*

Maglor: [You do not want to?]

Gaiala: [This is the only time I get to speak properly. It's nice.]

Maglor: [I am surprised Ereinion does not know Telerin. His grandmother is Teleri.]

Gaiala: [Does he spend much time with her?]

Maglor: [I do not know, I must admit.]

Gaiala: [Language not being genetic and all that.] *still admiring the harp*

Maglor: [No, it is not, but you would think that the family spoke it at least sometimes.] *motions to the harp* [Do you play at all?]

Gaiala: [No, but I can gut a fish in a matter of seconds. You should see how fast I can scale one too]

Maglor: [I should remember that. Lio is rather fond of fish.]

Gaiala: [Well, maybe we could go out fishing once the thaw comes.]

Maglor: [I think he would like that. We could do it as a picnic, build a fire and cook the fish out there.]

Gaiala: [It'll be good for me, I have no idea what it's like outside these walls yet]

Maglor: [Ask Tyelpe to take you riding. It would be good for both of you.]

Gaiala: [There's an idea. Should I leave you to your work?]

Maglor: [If you have other plans.] *grins*

Gaiala: *little curtsy and hurries out, thinking of what to do with Tyelpe*

That was an unexpectedly pleasant interruption. But there are other things I need to think about, now...
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