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I went, this morning, to Curufin's house with Lit. We worked together to make sure everything was clean and tidy. And we left for him on the counter a bottle of the wine he seems to like and four glasses I had an artisan make for him. I miss Curu. I really do. I wonder if when he'll be returned to us?

After we finished, we went to return the key and ended up having quite the adventure, running into the twins and their little twins. That was somewhat odd.

We still had quite a lot of afternoon left when we left, more than I'd realized, so I decided to drop Lit off with Glorfindel for the baking lessons he promised her and then go visit Lio at his office...

Maglor: *goes to see Lio at work*

Ecthelion: *going over the latest reports*

Maglor: *locks the door of his office as she enters and leans against it* Hey, honey.

Ecthelion: *looks up and smiles* Hi baby.

Maglor: I've decided you need a break.

Ecthelion: Well. *looks down at his work* I could take one, yes.

Maglor: Good boy. I was worried I'd have to convince you... *removes her cloak, revealing that she's only wearing a skimpy bit of lingerie underneath*

Ecthelion: OH. That kind of break, eh? *grins*

Maglor: *moves over to him, pushing him back so she can sit in his lap* If you want. I just wanted to make sure I was prepared in case I needed to truly distract you.

Ecthelion: *kisses* So. Something else in mind then?

Maglor: No. *returns his kiss* I just wanted to see you.

Ecthelion: Well, hi. *nuzzles* Where's Lit?

Maglor: Helping, if that's the word you would use, Glor at his bakery.

Ecthelion: *chuckles* For payment in cookies?

Maglor: She's getting a good education, learning to bake.

Ecthelion: Well, I hope she's having fun too.

Maglor: Well, Glor invited her after he came over the last time and baked with her. You sent him to watch us, didn't you? I am glad you didn't send one of your ...other guards instead.

Ecthelion: *nods* I thought Glor would be a good fit.

Maglor: Almost as good as you in me. Er. And. *slight smirk* I meant and...

Ecthelion: *chuckles* Trying to tell me something?

Maglor: Me? Never. *rests her head on his shoulder while running a hand over his chest, pauses* ...would you be offended, love, if I were to spend a day as a man again? Tomorrow, or the day after, maybe.

Ecthelion: *thoughtfully* I don't think I'd be offended, but.... can you tell me why?

Maglor: Well, you know I've been missing it... but Russa and I were talking and I want to see for myself if he was right about me.

Ecthelion: *frowns* Right?

Maglor: I need to know I'm the same person, male or female.

Ecthelion: Huh. Well. You know what I think - you're you, no matter which body you're in.

Maglor: I wish I had your faith in me. *nuzzles his cheek, whispers* How can I marry you without being sure all of me wants it? That's not fair to you.

Ecthelion: *nods* Okay. Then be a man for a day. But what about Lit?

Maglor: Well, she knows that I was a man... or maybe she could spend the day with you, at work?

Ecthelion: I think it might be a little hard on her, despite what she "knows."

Maglor: could be a great time for her to spend a day with her grandparents?

Ecthelion: Or with me, or Glor. All are good options.

Maglor: I will hide it from her, if you think it's best. *would rather not have to, but*

Ecthelion: *picks up on this* Baby. This day is about something for you - for you to understand and learn about yourself, isn't it?

Maglor: It is. But I shouldn't have to hide because of it.

Ecthelion: Kana, I'm not saying you have to hide. But she's still a very young child. It's going to confuse her, no matter how smart she is. If you decide that you're going to stay a male, then we'll talk to her about how she's not going to have a nana anymore. But for one day, I'd rather not upset her.

Maglor: *nods* You're right, of course. Perhaps I'll time it so that I take the potion after she goes to bed and have her busy the whole next day and be female again to tuck her in that night...

Ecthelion: Not a bad idea. I can take her wiht me in the morning.

Maglor: I think she'd really like a whole day with you. I'm pretty sure you're her favourite person. *small smile*

Ecthelion: She can come to work with me for a bit, and then we'll do something fun.

Maglor: Will you be okay, workwise? I don't want to take you from something important.

Ecthelion: *nods* We'll spend some time here, and bring some toys and books for her. It should be fine.

Maglor: Good. Thank you. *kisses his neck*

Ecthelion: And what are you going to do in your day as a man?

Maglor: Go somewhere I can be completely alone so I can think.

Ecthelion: Lots to think about?

Maglor: Yes. *teases* Maybe I'll just think about you all day and... *gestures*

Ecthelion: *laughs* Now THERE'S a way to spend your day.

Maglor: Now, if I really wanted something like that, wouldn't it make more sense to ask someone else to take Lit and just keep you for myself? *tilts her head, pretends to think about it* ...Maybe we should... *grins*

Ecthelion: *grins* Here?

Maglor: Well. I -am- sitting here in my lingerie. It would be a shame to waste.

Ecthelion: And I noticed you locked the door. *smirks*

Maglor: That's just because I don't like sharing you.

Ecthelion: Then it's just me and you. *kisses*

Maglor: Exactly how I like it. *deepens the kiss, tugging him closer*

Ecthelion: *wraps his arms around her, pressing against her*

Maglor: *purrs softly* Didn't you once mention to me some sort of office fantasy...?

Ecthelion: *chuckles* I have all kinds of fantasies when it comes to you....

Maglor: As you should. *starts tugging at his shirt to take it off*

Ecthelion: *helps her, shrugging out if it, leans in to kiss*

Maglor: *nips at his lip* I have a good few about you, too, you know. *tosses his shirt out of their way and looks around the office to decide what she'd like to do...

Oh, I had many ideas of things to do with my pretty boy. I hope he realizes how much I love him by what I do for him. The best, though, is just being close to him.

Ecthelion: *smiles, kisses again* I'm kind of enjoying just staying like this.

Maglor: Me too. It's like... you're a part of me. *runs her hands over his shoulders*

Ecthelion: *seriously* I am, you know. Forever.

Maglor: *just as seriously* That's why I've decided to marry you.

Ecthelion: *stares at her* Really..

Maglor: I wasn't just saying that, before. I really have changed my mind about it.

Ecthelion: *kisses her hard* I'm glad.

Maglor: *kisses back* I haven't officially asked you yet, though. I... nana says I should ask ada's permission... but...

Ecthelion: *grins* Didn't I already ask you?

Maglor: Good. You can ask ada's permission, then. I don't want to talk to him right now.

Ecthelion: *nods* I shall. *kisses her again*

Maglor: *smiles* Have I just unintentionally made your day?

Ecthelion: *strokes her hair back from her face* You have made me very happy, yes.

Maglor: *nuzzles his hand* We can discuss details later.

Ecthelion: *chuckles* Now might be an inconvenient time to make out the invitation list, I suppose...

Lio was right, of course, the time we are using to celebrate our engagement is a bit inconvenient to do much of anything else. *smirks* Though, it can only last so long.

Maglor: I've decided that you won't be doing any more work today.

Ecthelion: *smirks* Oh, what will I be doing?

Maglor: *takes his hand* We're going to pick up Lit and go home and spend the rest of the night snuggled near our hearth with our daughter, deciding on preliminary wedding plans. *kisses his palm*

Ecthelion: *looks for a moment at all the work piled up on his desk, then shakes his head* Okay, baby. I'd love to.

Maglor: I can help you catch up with work later, if you need to. *starts kissing his fingers, one by one*

Ecthelion: *smiles at her* My beautiful girl....

Maglor: Not a... *pauses, remembers what Mae said, tries to just smile instead*

Ecthelion: *kisses her* I know. I'm sorry.

Maglor: I love you anyway.

Ecthelion: Thank the valar.

Maglor: *nuzzles* Indeed. And, much as I love you naked, we should dress if we wish to go.

Ecthelion: Good idea. *starts gathering his clothes*

Maglor: *stretches lazily as she fetches hers* Should we pick up some sort of dinner on the way home, as well?

Ecthelion: *finishes dressing* Yes, I think we've both worked up an appetite....

Maglor: But poor Lit has been with Glor all afternoon, he's probably stuffed her full of cookies.

Ecthelion: *grins* You and I can still eat.

Maglor: We'll get enough that she can eat if she's hungry. *pulls her cloak on and goes to take his arm* Come, love.

Ecthelion: *goes with her*

(( unedited, NSFW-style R-rated chat can be found here, for the curious ))
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