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Litsewen: *presents Lio a picture of a deer she drew*

Ecthelion: *takes it* Thank you, sweetie. *looks it over* A deer, hmm.

Litsewen: *nods and points at him*

Ecthelion: You're giving it to me?

Litsewen: *smiles and hugs him*

Ecthelion: *cuddles and kisses her*

Litsewen: *snuggles*

Ecthelion: Where's your nana, sweetie?

Litsewen: *makes a motion like playing an instrument*

Ecthelion: Oh, is she? Good, good. *is glad, was a bit worried because he hasn't heard her play much lately*

Litsewen: *nods, whispers* Me too.

Ecthelion: You wanted her to play too?

Litsewen: *nods*

Ecthelion: Do -you- want to play too?

Litsewen: *grins, can play a little already, nana showed her!*

Ecthelion: *smiles at her* Do you have something to show me, sweetie?

Litsewen: *shrugs*

Ecthelion: No? Okay.

Litsewen: *pokes his nose and then wiggles her fingers like a flute*

Ecthelion: You want ME to play?

Litsewen: *nods with a big smile*

Ecthelion: *grins* Okay, let's go. *puts her drawing aside and carries her into the music room*

Litsewen: *clings close to ada as he carries her*

Maglor: *is in the music room, strumming a lute and humming*

Ecthelion: *walks in with Lit* Hi baby.

Maglor: Hey. *pauses in her playing, pushing her hair off her face* I didn't realise you were home already.

Ecthelion: I just got in a little while ago. Lit wants me to play.

Maglor: Oh, me too. *smiles* You haven't played in a while.

Litsewen: *reaches her hands towards nana, wanting to play with her again*

Ecthelion: *gives Lit to Maglor and retrieves his flute; a little ruefully* No, I haven't.

Maglor: *sets aside the lute to settle Lit in her lap then holds the instrument in front of the both of them* We haven't done a lot. *kisses Lit's ear* You want to play again, like this morning?

Litsewen: *looks up to nana and nods*

Ecthelion: *smiles at them* Me first, or you two?

Litsewen: *considers, points at ada*

Ecthelion: *nods* Okay. *starts playing, a happy song for Lit*

Litsewen: *rests against nana as she listens, smiling happily*

Maglor: *gently pets Lit's hair* Isn't ada good?

Ecthelion: *continues playing, moving into a longer song, a little more somber*

Litsewen: *nods and listens carefully*

Ecthelion: *watches them both as he plays*

Maglor: *catches his eye and blows a kiss to him over Lit's head*

Litsewen: *looks at ada's hands as he plays then to nana, and back again, wonders if she'll be as good someday*

Ecthelion: *finishes the song and puts down the flute*

Litsewen: *claps for ada*

Maglor: *chuckles softly* I love how you play your flute, darling.

Ecthelion: *grins at them both* Thank, ladies.

Maglor: We should show ada what you were practicing this morning, Lit. I think he'd like that.

Litsewen: *nods*

Ecthelion: *nods as well* Oh, I would!

Maglor: *smiles and holds the lute carefully so she can play the frets so Lit just has to strum*

Litsewen: *moves her hands to make the strings vibrate the way nana showed her*

Ecthelion: *listens and watches, smiling*

Maglor: *while continuing to fingers the notes for Lit* She's still too small for proper playing. But I'm almost done her harpsichord, so she will be able to start learning songs on that until her hands are large enough.

Ecthelion: And maybe I can make a small flute...

Maglor: I considered that, too. *kisses Lit's ear again* Enough for now, princess?

Litsewen: *nods folding her hands in her lap*

Ecthelion: That was lovely, sweetie.

Litsewen: *smiles*

Maglor: Such a good little thing. So talented.

Ecthelion: She's going to be very good!

Litsewen: *shrugs and rests her face against nana's shoulder*

Maglor: She will be good at everything she wants to be good at, I feel.

Ecthelion: *nods and smiles at Lit* I think so.

Litsewen: *kisses nana's neck and then reaches out for ada again*

Ecthelion: *takes her into his arms* Let's listen to nana play now.

Maglor: Oh, I see how this is. *sets aside the lute, and moves to her harp*

Litsewen: *smiles and nuzzles against ada's neck*

Ecthelion: *grins and cuddles*

Maglor: *starts into a short ballad about the silmarils*

Ecthelion: *enjoys listening*

Litsewen: *snuggles ada as she listens, eyes starting to droop*

Maglor: *notices, decides to switch to a lullaby once she finishes her first song*

Ecthelion: *rocks Lit gently*

Litsewen: *fighting sleep, but her head falls against ada's chest*

Maglor: *slowly stops playing and gives Lio a look*

Ecthelion: *smiles at her*

Maglor: *softly* Bedtime.

Ecthelion: *looks down at Lit* Yes, I think so.

Litsewen: *nods, almost waking, but falls back asleep*

Maglor: Put her down, then come back here.

Ecthelion: *grins and stands with Lit* Yes ma'am. *heads off to bed with her*

Litsewen: *sleepily hugs on to ada as he carries her*

Ecthelion: *puts her in her pajamas and puts her to bed, then comes back to the music room*

Maglor: *still at her harp, playing softly as she waits*

Ecthelion: *sits opposite her and smiles* She's sleeping.

Maglor: She's had a busy day. *reaches for his hand, pulling him next to her*

Ecthelion: *sits with her* What did you do today?

Maglor: History lessons. And some arithmetic. *slips into his lap* Music also, obviously.

Ecthelion: That does sound like a lot, yes. *kisses her*

Maglor: *returns the kiss, nipping at his lip* She has such a hunger for knowledge.

Ecthelion: She's going to be brilliant, our girl.

Maglor: With my brain and yours? No question. *strokes his cheek*

Ecthelion: *smiles up at her*

Maglor: She reminds me of Curu at her age, a bit. Always questioning. *seems a bit distant as she says this*

Ecthelion: *thoughtfully* Was Curu not fond of talking?

Maglor: Hmmn, no, he wasn't like her in that way.

Ecthelion: Were any of your siblings like that?

Maglor: *shakes her head* No.

Ecthelion: Hmm. Just wondering where she got it from.

Maglor: Does it matter? She's perfectly well and happy.

Ecthelion: *looks surprised* No need to get defensive. I was just musing on it.

Maglor: Sorry. *sighs* It worries me, too, though she seems fine.

Ecthelion: *shakes his head* I just wonder if things might be difficult for her as she gets older, if it continues. But I'm not really worried, because as you say, she seems fine.

Maglor: Maybe it's a phase, she'll outgrow it?

Ecthelion: *nods* Could be.

Maglor: Or maybe she knows something we don't? *shrugs and leans against him*

Ecthelion: *smiles* That it's better to be silent?

Maglor: It does seem that way, sometimes.

Ecthelion: Well, we could give it a try, if you'd like.

Maglor: But I enjoy the sounds you make... *gently kisses his neck*

Ecthelion: *grins* Eru knows I enjoy the sounds you make.

Maglor: *runs her hands over his chest* Not in the music room.

Ecthelion: *laughs* What? You make beautiful sounds in here.

Maglor: True. But not those types of sounds.

Ecthelion: Well, you can make those sounds elsewhere?

Maglor: Happily. Especially if you're willing to sleep in and cuddle in the morning.

Ecthelion: With pleasure.

Maglor: Our bed is large and soft... and the door locks, so there won't be any unexpected interruptions. *strokes his lips with her thumb* Make me sing.

Ecthelion: *grins and scoops her up* It'll be a duet. *carries her off to bed*
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