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Why is it when I try to make things happen that something gets in the way? Or is it that I misread things completely? Perhaps there is more validity to those accusations of madness than I have given. Oh, I play the part at times, but I've never thought myself to be as fully mad as they say. Just a little crazy when I'm angry. Alas.

My life, in result, seems to circulate around children instead of what I wish it to. It's so odd. Still, I felt I should check on my dear nephew. Though I do trust him in my brothers' hands, I still feel it's my responsibility to make certain he is doing well. So, I went to visit Tyelpe.

Maglor: *packs a bag with some treats and a surprise and goes to Mae's/the twins' to finally check on Tyelpe*

Maedhros: *answers the door*

Maglor: Hey. *goes to give him a hug* I wanted to check on Tyelpe. I know you're taking care of him, but I figured he could use some spoiling.

Maedhros: *hugs her back then nods* He's in the living room, I think.

Maglor: Okay. Oh. And these are for you. *carefully pulls a package of brownies out and hands them to him* Because you're my favourite.

Maedhros: *chuckles* Thanks.

Maglor: *winks at him and goes to find Tyelpe*

Celebrimbor: *idly filing a ring*

Maglor: Well, if it isn't my favourite nephew... *smiles and goes to stand near him* How are you doing?

Celebrimbor: *looks up, rather surprised* Au-- uncle Kana. I'm alright.

Maglor: Good. Keeping busy? I brought you something. Well, a few things, actually.

Celebrimbor: Oh? *appears interested*

Maglor: Where shall we start? *peeks into her bag, starts by pulling out...* Oh, this appears to be a bag of gem stones. Do you think you could use some of these for your work?

Celebrimbor: *smiles* Probably.

Maglor: I'd hoped so. I certainly don't use them for much. But this is what I'd really meant to give you. *pulls out a small - though intricately carven - wooden flute* I know you're not great at music, and you probably won't use it much, but it's yours.

Celebrimbor: *cocks his head at her, honestly a little confused* Thanks...?

Maglor: I can teach you to play it, if you want. *smiles* Think of it as my way of trying to thank you for the things you make for me, since I can't make the same kinds of things.

Celebrimbor: *nods* Thanks.

Maglor: I also brought some baking. Brownies, and some fresh bread. But that's more for the whole lot of you, since I hear it's a very crowded house?

Celebrimbor: A bit yeah...I'll hide the baked goods?

Maglor: *laughs* You want to hog the bread to yourself? Are my brothers not feeding you enough?

Celebrimbor: Oh, it's not that...

Maglor: What is it, then?

Celebrimbor: *shrugs* Nothing. I was just kidding.

Maglor: Okay. I should get you to visit me, sometime. You should see my Lit.

Celebrimbor: I heard she got big.

Maglor: *nods* She has. I think she gained about a decade.

Celebrimbor: Weird.

Maglor: I thought so, too. I really wish Eru would stop sneezing in my direction. It must be someone else's turn by now.

Celebrimbor: *little smile* Maybe.

Maglor: Maybe he could make Ambarussa a girl, but not Ambarussa. That would be interesting.

Celebrimbor: *no idea which she means to be a girl, decides it doesn't matter* True.

Maglor: Do you think they'd still finish each other's sentences?

Celebrimbor: Yes.

Maglor: *smiles* I bet you and Ereinion could do that, with how much time you spend together.

Celebrimbor: I hope not. We never do.

Maglor: You're better than him, right? So we can't have that?

Celebrimbor: *vaguely irritated by that* No, I'm not.

Maglor: *pauses, gently* I'm just teasing. *lifts his chin up* I'm sorry.

Celebrimbor: ...alright.

Maglor: Good boy. Want me to leave you to your... well, whatever you were doing before I interrupted?

Celebrimbor: Whatever you want. I was just making a ring.

Maglor: I should. I don't like leaving Lit for too long, no matter who she's with. *gives Tyelpe a quick hug* You are welcome to come visit us anytime. Maybe come by for supper, some day. I'm sure Gaiala would love having someone other than me to talk to.

Celebrimbor: Okay. I will.

Maglor: Good. Just give me a heads up so I can make sure to make extra. *lightly touches his cheek* See you later.

Celebrimbor: Bye. Thanks for the stones.

Maglor: You're very welcome. *heads off, blowing Mae a kiss on her way out so he knows she's gone*

He does seem well, doesn't he? All things considered, I feel he'll make a full recovery soon. That's one thing off my mind. Too bad there's still so many others. I think, perhaps, I'll take some quiet time for myself, this afternoon, maybe do some writing...

Maglor: *curled up in the window seat, her eyes trained outside somewhere and a journal sitting open at her feet*

Litsewen: *sitting near by and colouring, looking up every once in a while to check on nana*

Maglor: *rests her head against the window, a few tears escaping*

Litsewen: *notices and goes over to nana, tapping her leg*

Maglor: *doesn't notice her*

Litsewen: *taps a little harder*

Maglor: Oh. Lit? *blinks a bit and shifts to look at her child* What's up princess?

Litsewen: *lifts her arms up*

Maglor: I see. *picks the little girl up and settles her in her lap* Better?

Litsewen: *nods, and then picks up the journal on the seat and holds it to Maglor*

Maglor: You can read that, if you want. I was just writing some songs.

Litsewen: *shakes her head, handing the book to Maglor and then cuddling against her*

Maglor: Yes, I'll sing for you. *kisses Lit's head and starts stroking her hair as she starts singing the song off the page softly*

Litsewen: *snuggles closer, lightly touching nana's cheek with one hand*

Maglor: *kisses Lit's hand* Don't worry, princess. I'll be okay.

Litsewen: *nods, nudging her head under Maglor's chin*

Maglor: *cuddles and sings some more, rocking the both of them gently*