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Maglor: *wakes up from a bad dream and reaches her arm out, finding herself alone in bed, sighs* Ecthelion, where in Varda's name are you now?

Ecthelion: *working at his desk*

Maglor: *goes to find him, dressed only in a shirt* Oh, Lio. *looking in on him* I know this is important, but so is your rest.

Ecthelion: *looks up at her, smiling tiredly* I just got some of the reports back that I needed....

Maglor: No more. *goes over, taking the papers out of his hands and setting them aside* You've been working so hard. Your mind needs to rest. *caresses his cheeks and kisses his forehead*

Ecthelion: *touches her hands and sighs* And I have to ask you some questions, baby.

Maglor: If I answer your questions will you stop for the night? *tugs his hands under her shirt to rest against her sides*

Ecthelion: *slides his hands up a bit* I suppose they can wait until morning.

Maglor: Good. I can't. *runs her hands along his arms* As brilliant as you are at this, I know you'll pick it up again easily.

Ecthelion: *pulls her down into his lap and kisses*

Maglor: *smiles and kisses him back* Well, I've gotten you to stop working. Now to get you back into bed.

Ecthelion: *laughs*

Maglor: I'll give you... *runs her hands over his chest and shoulders* A nice, full massage if you come to bed.

Ecthelion: Oh, you know how to tempt me, baby.

Maglor: You've been working so hard, I bet you've got some serious stress knots that need my help.

Ecthelion: *smiles* Okay, I'll take you up on it.

Maglor: Good boy. *nuzzles then pulls away* You go get undressed and on the bed. I'm just going to grab something and be right with you.

Ecthelion: *nods* Okay. *heads off to the bedroom*

Maglor: *joins him shortly, carrying a bottle of wine and two glasses* Miss me?

Ecthelion: *stretched out on the bed* I did.

Maglor: Not for long, darling. *sets the glasses on a bedside table and fills them, setting the bottle down* Now where did we leave that oil...?

Ecthelion: *laughs* Been so long, I don't remember.

Maglor: It has, hasn't it? Ah! *finds it* Good. Now, let's see where I should start. *goes to sit next to him on the bed*

Ecthelion: *smiles up at her* I put myself in your capable hands.

Maglor: Dangerous words, Ecthelion. *smirks and lightly slaps his side* Roll over, like a good boy.

Ecthelion: Ow. *laughs, but rolls over*

Maglor: Mmn. I like when you're obedient. *pours some oil between her hands to warm it up*

Ecthelion: *more like exhausted, but....* I am more than ready for this.

Maglor: *softly* I could tell. *gently moves her hands over his skin to coat it in oil and feel out where she'll need to pay the most attention*

Ecthelion: *moans a little* It feels good.

Maglor: Only the best for my Lio. *starts carefully working out a knot* This seems like quite a bit of tension. I bet it's named Haldir...

Ecthelion: *laughs* That poor bastard.

Maglor: He's cute, but nearly as arrogant as uncle Nolo. *pushes a little harder* We had a run-in. I've left him thinking I'm barking mad.

Ecthelion: What was your run in about?

Maglor: It was when I dropped Lit off to see you while I wanted to get things like her bed, and make you dinner. I flirted with him, threatened his life, and pointed out a few of his flaws. *leans in to kiss his shoulder blade*

Ecthelion: And why would you do that?

Maglor: He said something I didn't like about you. *moves to another knot*

Ecthelion: *chuckles* Did flirting and threatening his life solve the problem?

Maglor: Now he has no idea what to expect from me. All he knows is I'm dangerous. And consider you mine. Though... *shakes her head, not wanting to bring that up, and keeps working on Lio's back to leave him fully relaxed*

Ecthelion: Though?

Maglor: One comment he made did actually upset me. *quietly* He said there was no wonder you didn't want me as your wife. *finds another knot and starts working it roughly*

Ecthelion: *sighs* Baby, you know that's not true.

Maglor: *stretches out, wrapping herself around him* I know you want me. I will be no wife, though. Perhaps a husband, but not a wife. *kisses Lio's ear*

Ecthelion: Being my wife wouldn't be that bad, would it?

Maglor: *rolls to lie beside him* How about you be my wife?

Ecthelion: I do think you have to be female to qualify as a wife. *kisses her* Technically, that's you.

Maglor: Not in here. *taps her temple* Why can't people understand that?

Ecthelion: I do, but I'm saying for the intents and purposes of marriage...

Maglor: Then I will only marry you in my natural body.

Ecthelion: Is that legal?

Maglor: I will ask... should I ask Turu or uncle Nolo?

Ecthelion: Whichever you think is more likely to say yes. *grins* See if you can get the Valar to bless it, while you're at it.

Maglor: It's not common, but I can't think of any law against it. So if you will have me as a man, I will marry you. Varda willing.

Ecthelion: *kisses her again* Is this something we should be planning?

Maglor: *kisses him back* No, I haven't actually asked you yet. Officially. *smirks*

Ecthelion: *points out* Nor are you a man. Officially.

Maglor: Wait for it. It will be a surprise.

Ecthelion: Oh, Eru, I don't know if my heart can take many more of those.

Maglor: It's a good heart. Strong. *puts her hand over his chest* Kind. Loving. Beautiful. You'll be fine.

Ecthelion: *chuckles* Let's hope.

Maglor: Nothing a few kisses couldn't fix, I'm sure.

Ecthelion: Let's test that theory....

Maglor: *kisses* Though I wonder if it's just kisses you want?

Ecthelion: Well, I certainly don't think it's all -you- want....

Maglor: I just want what's mine. *slowly unbuttons her shirt* And to give you what's yours, of course.

Ecthelion: I can't complain about that, I guess... *pulls her close*

Maglor: *chuckles and lightly strokes his neck* You'd be madder than even I am if you did.

Ecthelion: *kisses softly*

Maglor: Mmn. *purrs against his lips* I love you. Let me show you just how much.

Ecthelion: Please do....

...and, of course, come morning he's off working again. I have needs! Needs involving more cuddling and sleeping in and less empty beds. *pouts, sighs* But he has needs, too. Needs that I can work toward filling by speaking with Glorfindel and my uncle.