Mar. 16th, 2009

calm_soul: (unhappy)
I'm worried about Lio. ) He seems so distressed over this. Not that I blame him, considering, but... agh! This is all becoming infuriating. Blood should be paid for blood. Murderers deserve to die, especially those of us who are likely to repeat our crimes. And though the wounds of war can be fierce, they really aren't the same as intentionally going out to kill someone. I would know.

She may have a right to her anger, but so do I. I feel I will be overruled on all sides, though. Probably only my dead brothers would agree with me now. *sighs* I will simply have to bury this rage in order to take care of more important things. Namely, my Lio. I'll be watching him carefully.

It seems I'm once more forced to play the strong one. Put a sword in my hand and a song on my tongue, I'm ready to run.