Feb. 26th, 2009

calm_soul: (concerned)
Why is it when I try to make things happen that something gets in the way? Or is it that I misread things completely? Perhaps there is more validity to those accusations of madness than I have given. Oh, I play the part at times, but I've never thought myself to be as fully mad as they say. Just a little crazy when I'm angry. Alas.

My life, in result, seems to circulate around children instead of what I wish it to. It's so odd. Still, I felt I should check on my dear nephew. Though I do trust him in my brothers' hands, I still feel it's my responsibility to make certain he is doing well. So, I went to visit Tyelpe. ) He does seem well, doesn't he? All things considered, I feel he'll make a full recovery soon. That's one thing off my mind. Too bad there's still so many others. I think, perhaps, I'll take some quiet time for myself, this afternoon, maybe do some writing. )